• (Metronome Magazine/July2017) Top 5 of July "New Hampshire based rockers, Crimes in Graceland feature brothers: bassist Ry'al Lindgren, guitarist Ryan Lindgren, drummer Roby Lindgren and guitarist Greg Fowler. No strangers to the pages of Metronome or the legions of New Hampshire rock and roll fans, the Lindgren brothers along with friend /bandmate Greg Fowler have been making no nonsense rock and roll for the better part of the new millennium. On their latest effort, Elvis In Wonderland, Crimes in Graceland comes off as a tightly polished act delivering well penned songs that shake the rafters from start to finish. Songs that turn heads include the raving "Got A Hold of You," the rancorous"32 Years," the bombastic "Grab Myself A Bullet," the rockin' "Lie and Die," and the blazing hard rock anthem "It's All Rock and Roll," Boasting tight performances of well written song, Crimes in Graceland proves to be a band of rockers who have come of age. Good stuff! " (Doug Sloan)
  • (The Noise, Boston MA/ October 2012) I've listened to this album in it's intirety four or five times. The whole album has a very lo-fi sound and a grungy vibe.I think the band has potential(Emily Diggens)
  • (Wetsand Publications,LLC,Boston,MA/ March 2012) Crimes in Graceland have released their follow up to "THREE RING CIRCUS" the debut cd for the band."LINDGREN BLVD", the results of 3 years in the making,shows that the band is creating solid chemistry as time goes on. From the opening track "been so cold" to the closing track "funny farm", Crimes in Graceland are hitting on all cylinders.
  • (Metronome Magazine/August 2011) "The brothers Lindgren: Roby, Ryan and Ry'al return with an all new rock and roll band along with singer/guitarist Greg Fowler cleverly titled Crimes In Graceland. Whether or not they're trying to emulate or diminish the influence Elvis had on rock & roll, the power-rocking quartet makes it clear that they're here for one thing and one thing only;  to rock! Make sure to check out the witty "Living Suicide," the post punk banter of  "Bill Collector," the lyrically busy "Juvenile Man" and the manic craze of "Funny Farm." (Doug Sloan)
  • (TAXI the world's leading independent A&R company/ May 2011) "sounds like late 70's/early 80's power pop","very accesible. It took about half a listen before I started humming alone","pretty difficult to resist the melody of this little beauty"
  • (Hippo Press/ October 2010) "they sound like Flaming Lips trying to sound like Cheap Trick, hear their awesomeness"
  •  TOP 5 TRACKS on ipmNation.com (most played, requested, downloaded) as of 7/24/09:1)
  • 1) Mantra "Don't Mess with Texas"
    2) Dazasta Savage "Top Model"
    3) Crimes in Graceland "Sobriety Sucks"
    4) Froggy "I Remember"
    5) Mistaken for the Gifted "Texas for Hire"
  • (Northeast Performer/ November 2006) "Crimes in Graceland are baddass, they dress in black, they play songs with titles like "Sobriety Sucks" and "Marry a Bitch". "Musically the primary reference points are '70s arena rock (KISS, Van Halen) with older brother Roby Lindgren, obviously the Gene Simmons to Ry'al's Paul Stanley, with a little punk and country thrown in to mix things up." "Three Ring Circus's closer a country tune called "Don't Love ya" shows them loosening up a bit, and it happens to be the best track on the album". (Brett Cromwell)
  • (Metronome magazine /july 2006) "The Lindgren brothers have become well known on the New Hampshire music scene for their individual involvement with numerous rock acts over the years, so it's only fitting that Ry'al Ryan and Roby finally join forces to form their own band, cleverly coined, Crimes In Graceland. After just one listen,you quickly surmise that their music is anything but what Elvis would, or could, offer up. Instead what the Lindgrens serve listeners is cranked-out guitars,forceful vocals and biting riffs that permeate track after track of "Three Ring Circus". There's no mistaking that this family of brothers are a proud, rockin' bunch that loves to wake the neighbors. Best tracks include the album opener "Matter of Time","Sobriety Sucks","Half Hour Man" and the comedic country twang of "Don't love Ya". (Doug Sloan)
  • ( The Noise, Boston Ma / july 2006)  "This is the best cd I've ever listened to in my life", "thankfully, we have this beautiful music to listen to in our woes"  (mrs. Slimedog)
  • (TAXI  the worlds leading independent A&R company / April 2006)  "has a traditional hard rock sound", "has some big hooks", "I like the interplay between the two vocalists" , "CRIMES IN GRACELAND have a great cohesive rock sound & should expect some success" (Clint McBay)