1. Juvinile Man
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living in sin to begin, I have sinned, I have sinned, oh, where to begin/ I have done wrong, gone on to long, someone tell me what is wrong, or I'll go to hell/ give me all you got, I will rot, it is not something I will soon forget/ feeling dirty, just turned thirty, I like it dirty, i want some peace/ I don't want you to be/ I dont want you to be/ good to me/ if you knew what I knew, I would probably go to hell/ if I lose what I choose, I won't see the angels well/ if i'm late at the gate, the devils got a date/ saint or sinner, i'm a juvinile man/ screwing up, it's enough to be tough on your love and your life and your family/ I live in shame of my name and this bane of the pain that I have caused/ i'm a waste of breath, I need death to take my breath, i'm a tortured soul/ you wont see me next week, future's bleak, seek to speak to the sinners