1. Fly Away
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it's all kinda hazy, she's a little older then me/ those brown eyes & smile, as pretty as could be/ I walked up to her not nervous or shy/ we joked for a while, then we said our goodbyes/ got a call out of the blue, I didn't know what to do/ I told her I'd see her, had nothing left to lose/ we dated a while, always got along, till stupid me said so long/ fly away, come back tommorow, tommorow's another day/ I saw her at a mall, we said that we'd call/ had a little romance, glad we had another chance/ then she came up to me, said there is something I gotta do/ It's nothing against you, california I choose/ out with the past,in with the new/ love is going to find you, there is nothing you can do/ here's to the future, heres to me & you/ It's already found you, got nothing left to lose/ lost contact over the years, always wished eachother best/ went on with our lives, but always looked back/ gotta call out of the blue, a little deju vu/ now there is no holding back, I was made for you