1. been so cold
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well you don't want to be loved/no you don't want to be loved/the only emotion you show is your anger/and the only love you know, isn't really love/well you don't want to be free/no you don't want to be free/ you'll get rid of all your prized possesions/but when will you wake up and finally see/ oh you've been so cold, oh you've been so cold/it's meant that way i suppose/you don't wanna be loved/ well you didn't want to be a man/no you don't want to be a man/ you take out your agression on your friends/ when the one you should direct it at, has you in her hands/oh you've been so cold/ oh you've been so cold/ disrespectfull i've been told/ why it's that way no one knows/you don't wanna be loved