1. living suicide
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I have lost another brother,hearing crying from my mother, i hope i dont lose another here/ taking care of a grown-up baby, lost his drive and his pride maybe,oh won't someone come and save me here/youve got to work at life/ don't just give up and die/youve got a lot to give/ your living suicide/ I don't want you hanging round her, drinking mouthwash, stealing my beers, you're all fucked up your mind is not clear/ I've kicked you out 3 times already, you said you'd quit but your not ready, no more chances you've had plenty here/ you've got to work at life/don't just give up and die/ you've got a lot to give/ your living suicide/ time to get your act together, no more drinking now or ever, you'll find out that life is better here/ no more thinking about your drinking, drinking only hurts your thinking, your list of friends is slowly shrinking here